Rainbow's End Goat Ranch

The perfect goat at the end of the rainbow.

Shakespeare SOLD

Great for Breeding

Goat , Genemaster/Kiko/Boer , Buck (male) |White

DOB: 3/6/2022


Other: Will consider offers

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Shakespeare is a friendly White Gene Master 1/2 PB Kiko & PB 1/2 Boer. Birthdate: 3-6-22, Wt: 10.4lbs., Twin Excellent, calm, no health issues, good hooves, structure, excellent coat, famancha. Current on vaccines. Dam: DDF 32; Sire: TNT BEN DOR, TNT Farms, Butler, IL
Will register with as Genemaster AKGA on Buyer's request. Shakespeare will bring great genetics to any herd.
Food: Champion Meat Goat Pellets, Wet Cobb, Sunflower seeds mixture; Orchard Hay; & free grass grazing.

Updated 5/21/2023