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Goat, Kiko, Kid (female) | Black/White

DOB: 3/6/2022 (Under 1 yr)

DDF 32


Hoda is a Black/White American Pure Bred Kiko 7/8 PB Kiko & 1/8 PB Boer Breed. Birthdate: 3-6-22, Wt: 7.6lbs., Triplet, Bottle Baby due to sharp teeth cutting First Freshener Dam's utters. The Dam didn't forget those first few days and kicked her off. Even after teeth were filed, the Dam would nurture & teach Hoda, but not nurse. Excellent, calm, friendly kid. Size is similar to kids on site, good hooves, health, famancha. This past month she continues thrive with long legs like her grand sire & nice structure. Could be a possible pack goat. Current on vaccines. Dam CRE Rainbow' End Halo; Sire: TNT BEN DOR, TNT Farms, Butler, IL
Process of registration AKGA as American Pure Bred Kiko. Hoda will bring great genetics to any herd.
Food: Champion Meat Goat Pellets, Wet Cobb, Sunflower seeds mixture; Orchard Hay; & free grass grazing.

Updated 9/12/2022