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Yeo at 90 days

Yeo at 90 days

Yeo at 90 days



Goat, Genemaster, Kid (male) | White with Black Patches

DOB: 3/4/2019 (Under 1 yr)

Mr. Cooper

Gentle Giant

Mr. Cooper

BoerBuck (male)White w/Black Cape
ABGA# 10802048DOB: 3/5/20181 yr
Mr. Cooper - Gentle giant, 100% pigment, 1 x 1 teets. Throws great color. See offspring pictures. Registered ABGA, DNA, great genetics - Sire: Kindle Hope Farm Humphrey Boergart (SQ), 3 generations of *EN* pedigree. Weight on June 22, 2019: 215 lbs.
 ABGA# 10802048 White w/Black Cape
Da'Did Farms: 32


90 day weight: 59.11

Updated 9/28/2019