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The perfect goat at the end of the rainbow.

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Kids & Does for sale end of July 2022

Possible reduced price if buying 5 or more. Will consider offers.
Kids for sale:
Dam: DDF 32; Sire: TNT Ben DOR, TNT Farms, Butler, IL
32's kids are Genemasters 1/2 Kiko & 1/2 Boer.

Halo's kids are Genemasters 3/4 Kiko & 1/4 Boer $250 each.
1. Hoda, Black & White, Doeling, $250

2. Anna, Beige, Doeling $250

3. Juliet, White, Black, Blue, Doeling $250

Black Diamond's Kids, BD: March 29, 2022 can be registered as Kikos., Dam: CRE BLACK DIAMOND; Sire: GFF BUCK MARLEY $350 each.
1. Sally Fields, Light White/Beige, Beige stripe down back, Doeling $350 Kiko

2. Jackson, White, Buckling, Incorrect teats $300 Kiko

3. Katrina, Light Beige, Doeling, $350 Kiko

4. Black Diamond's Joy, Black & White, Doeling, $350 Kiko

5. DDF 32 is registered with the AKGA as an NGZ Genemaster. 32 is healthy, strong, no health issues, great birthing & nurturing dam cleaning the kids immediately, no nursing issues, good famancha, hooves trimmed, vaccines up to date. $350

6.CRE Rainbow's End Halo was born at Rainbow's End. Dam: DDF 32 (NO); Sire: GFF BUCK MARLEY (PQ) She's a registered AKGA Gene Master, GNY, 3/4 Kiko 1/4 Boer. First time Freshener 3-6-22, triplets. Offspring can be registered as 7/8 Kiko 1/8 Boer. Great Mom, hooves, coat, famancha. Vaccines up to date. Health excellent. $350

7. CRE Rainbow's End Black Diamond: She's registered AKGA Gene Master, GNZ, 7/8 Kiko, 1/8 Boer. First time Freshener
3-29-22, quads. Offspring can be registered as Pure Bred Kiko. Great Mom, hooves, coat, famancha, Vaccines up to date. Health excellent. Black Diamond is tall, sound structure doe. She'd make a great pack goat. $450

The perfect goat at the end of the rainbow.

CRE Black Diamond and Black Diamond's Joy
Katrina, Jackson, Sally Fields

Katrina, Jackson, Sally Fields

Halo (Dam), Anna, Hoda, Juliet

Rainbow’s End Goat Ranch is located in Salkum, Washington west of the Cascade Mountain Range halfway between Portland, Oregon & Seattle Washington off Hwy 12 White Pass Scenic Byway. The ranch specializes in Kiko, Boer,
Gene Masters, breeding the finest qualities of a meat goat while focusing on herd quality genetics. Our goats are Purebred, Full Blood, Genemaster breeds and are bred for parasite resistance, less hoof problems, fast growth in kids, great foragers/weed abatement. The dams are the best with strong resilient kids up on their feet after birth. The breed is strong and hardy enhancing any herd’s breeding program. Rainbow’s End is up to date on vaccines, disease free, and goats will be registered at owner’s request.

I am a member of the American Kiko Goat Association and the American Boer Goat Association. I’ve developed friends in the AKGA who are irreplaceable in the help they’ve gladly given me regarding raising and care of my goats. The ABGA association has been very helpful also. Welcome to Rainbow’s End Goat Ranch and the perfect goat at the end of the rainbow to meet your herd’s needs.

Clarice L. Griffith

Email: RainbowsEndGoatRanch@gmail.com

Leave a message with your phone number, & I will get back to you.

Website: www.rainbowsendgoatranch.com